How to Boost your Videos Ranking in YouTube


How to Boost your Videos Ranking in YouTube

Posted by sanctifygoa in Social Media Marketing 14 Jan 2016

YouTube is the third most visited site on the World Wide Web, according to Alexa and SimilarWeb. Generally more number users prefer the Video content which gives more descriptive information with the Audiovisual clips than the webpage with the texts or infographics.

Boost your YouTube Video Ranking with following optimization techniques :

YouTube search engine configuration must be based on certain parameters which helps the engine to display the most relevant contents/videos as per their search query, subscriptions, likes, location & browsing history.

There are two major categories which we can focus to boost the ranking of the videos:

Onsite Optimization:

  • Title: The video title is also an important factor in determining your YouTube video ranking. Tip: Put your keyword at the beginning of the title to give a slight SEO boost to your video.
  • Description: Description is very important because that’s what YouTube depends on to determine what your video is all about.
  • Thumbnails: The thumbnail creates the first impression of your video. Custom thumbnails, rather than YouTube’s auto-generated snapshots taken from anywhere in the video, are always preferred.
  • Keywords: Just as a Web page with relevant keyword terms and phrases always ranks better in search results, videos with the relevant keywords will appear at the top of YouTube search results. These include “how-to” keywords, reviews, tutorials, funny videos, and videos related to sports and fitness.
  • Video Tags: Tags are not very important, but they obviously do help. Including a few keywords in the tag helps YouTube to know what your video is about.
  • Video Transcript: YouTube uses the transcription to rank your video. To help YouTube get a summary of your video you can include the targeted keywords in the transcription.
  • Channel Authority: Channel authority can be established with more views and engagement of your audience. You can give a link to your YouTube channel from your website to build channel authority.

Offsite Optimization:

  • Views: Views improve your video’s YouTube SEO. How many people have watched your video? Even if they have, did they watch it till the end?
  • Comments: More comments on your video also give an authority signal to YouTube for your video. But remember, YouTube is quite smart at finding out which comments are spam. If viewers have commented on your video, it means they have enjoyed watching your video or at least they have watched the video until the end.
  • Subscribes: If people have subscribed to your channel after watching your video, this means they have loved it. This indicates to YouTube as well as to Google that your video is authoritative.
  • Shares: Are people sharing your video on social media sites? If they are, it shows that they like your video.
  • Favorites: Yet another factor is the number of people who favorite your video or add it to their “Watch Later” list.
  • Thumbs Up/Down: The number of thumbs up and thumbs down counts your video gets also determines your video’s ranking in search results.
  • Backlinks: Just like Google uses inbound links to rank your page, YouTube also uses these links as a ranking factor.

YouTube Boost Video Ranking in Search Results

Tips to Optimize the Ranking of your Videos on YouTube Search Results:

Sanctify recommends you to follow the above tips of optimization to boost the ranking of your videos on YouTube search results to get the maximum views.



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